Rick Warren 

Are you bothered by the things you have heard Rick Warren say? Do you find him to be a little confused or even a bit of a charlatan? If the answer is "Yes," then this blog's for you. If the answer is "No," then perhaps you will reconsider after reading through this blog.

Rick Warren is part of the agenda to establish a one world religion. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is involved with the World Council of Churches which is underwritten by the United Nations.

In short, Mr Warren is just one pawn in a big scheme of preparing the world for the coming of the  anti-christ.


Rick Warren and His New Age Health Plan

Posted by Lyndon V Bechtel on Tuesday, March 22, 2011
The following additional warning is excerpted from “Emanuel Swedenborg’s Occultic Beliefs Influence Rick Warren’s Health Advisor” by John Lanagan, Lighthouse Trails, January 18, 2011. I would encourage you to read the entire report at http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog. The documentation for the quotes is available there. “With Dr. Mehmet Oz having been granted potential influence into the lives of thousands (potentially eventually millions) of Christians through Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan, it is important to consider Lisa Oz as well--because people who seek out Dr. Oz’s books will likely be exposed to his wife’s work also. The couple have worked together on projects and public appearances. ... In her book, Lisa Oz acknowledges, ‘After my parents, the most influential [teacher] by far was and is Emanuel Swedenborg, an eighteenth century scientist and theologian who saw the Bible as a divinely inspired metaphor. … His writings on the nature of God, humanity, and marriage not only shaped my views but ultimately shaped who I am. For this reason you will find his doctrine, widely and wildly interpreted, as the foundation for just about every chapter in this book.’ Lisa Oz is a Reiki master. This is an ancient system of occult energy, one that brings with it the risk of familiar spirits. [Lisa Oz states, ‘You can become a Reiki master in three weekends.’ Many people were exposed to Reiki for the first time when Dr. Oz featured it on his popular television show. In an interview, Mrs. Oz shared that she has used Reiki on her own children. ... In fact, consider this collective Reiki/meditative experience facilitated by Lisa Oz, which took place at a workshop she conducted along with her husband: ‘She followed with a couple of similar exercises, then finished with what for me was the day’s highlight: the hatsurei-ho meditation, this time for hundreds. The energy in that cavernous room at the Javits Convention Center shifted palpably as Mrs. Oz led the crowd through progressive relaxation, envisioning a golden light all around, drawing the light inside and then breathing it back out into the space around us, adding our own energy with each exhalation. There was no need to explain what Reiki was--EVERYONE FELT IT, EVEN WITHOUT TOUCH.” Lisa Oz then told the crowd, ‘Go in wellness, knowing you have brought light into the world.’ What is going on with Rick Warren? Does he believe he can bring in Oz, Hyman, and Amen, and simply share only their medical teachings? Stick to the brain, Daniel Amen. Just talk about the heart, Mehmet Oz. Is that what Pastor Warren intends? Because even if these doctors don’t say anything about meditation, or Reiki, their resources are still available to all who have seen and heard them at Saddleback. Exposure to these practices therefore seems certain, all from authors highly praised by Rick Warren.”