Rick Warren 

Are you bothered by the things you have heard Rick Warren say? Do you find him to be a little confused or even a bit of a charlatan? If the answer is "Yes," then this blog's for you. If the answer is "No," then perhaps you will reconsider after reading through this blog.

Rick Warren is part of the agenda to establish a one world religion. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is involved with the World Council of Churches which is underwritten by the United Nations.

In short, Mr Warren is just one pawn in a big scheme of preparing the world for the coming of the  anti-christ.


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Rick Warren's Man, Tony Blair Supports Homosexual Marriage

Posted by Lyndon V Bechtel on Monday, March 26, 2012,
The following is excerpted from(Friday Church News Notes, March 23, 2012, www.wayoflife.org, and posted on manifested by the light on 3/25/2012)
  - Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, a Roman Catholic, is supporting the British government’s plan to legalize homosexual “marriage” before 2015. The 
Independent newspaper reported on March 10 that Blair told friends that he “strongly supports the Prime Minister’s proposa...
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