The Most Used Bible Translation In America

Posted by Lyndon V Bechtel on Friday, March 28, 2014 Under: Bible Versions

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According to the latest and most thorough research, the King James Bible remains the most used Bible translation in America. The Bible in American Life study found that the KJV is read by 55% of professed Bible readers, the NIV by 19%, the New RSV by 7%, the Living Bible by 6%, and the New American Bible by 5%. All other versions combined are read by the remaining 8% (“The Bible in American Life” by The Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture, March 6, 2014, Among congregations, 40% use the KJV and 21%, the NIV. The results of The Bible in American Life study are similar to the results of the American Bible Society’s 2013 “State of the Bible” survey commissioned with Barna, which found that 52% of Americans read the KJV or the NKJV, compared with 11 percent who read the NIV. These studies indicate that though the NIV outsells the KJV, it isn’t used as much. In spite of the vast advertising campaign that has been waged for 100 years in favor of the modern versions, the KJV has more than held its own. The percentage of KJV Bible users is steadily decreasing, though. In 1995, approximately two-thirds of Americans claimed the Authorized Version as their main translation (Jennifer Lowe, “Buy the Book,” Dayton Daily News, Dayton Ohio, Sept. 16, 1995, p. 7C). At the same time, The Bible in American Life study found that while 70% of those who use the NIV read it at least weekly, only 54% of those who use the KJV read it at least weekly. This would indicate that large numbers of “KJV Bible readers” are nominal in their Christianity. In fact, if an individual doesn’t read the Bible even once a week, it is doubtful whether he is a born again Christian, as one of the evidences of salvation is a love for God’s Word. Jesus said, “He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God” (John 8:47).

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