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 Contemporary Christian Music is built on the premise that music is neutral and that only the lyrics carry moral meaning. Even secular musicians know that this is absurd. Any orchestra conductor will tell you that music itself is a language. A study that was reported in 2009 reinforces this. Mafa farmers in Cameroon, who are culturally isolated from western music, were tested for their emotional reaction to it. A team led by Thomas Fritz of the Max Planck Institute for Human cognitive and Brain Sciences in Germany, said: “I was quite amazed that the Mafa accurately categorized basic emotions in pieces of Western music on the first listen” (“Two Cultures Grasp Music’s Universal Feeling,” 
Science News, April 11, 2009). Mafa and Western listeners classify the same pieces of music as happy, sad, or fearful. Both types of listeners dislike dissonant music. Josh McDermott of New York University said that the new study’s findings fit earlier indications that people interpret certain acoustic cues in the same ways. When rock & roll was birthed in the 1950s, through the merging of various streams of dance music such as blues and jazz, the heavy back beat was its prominent characteristic, because it impacts the body and soul in a certain predictable way and fulfills the music’s objective, which is to create sensual feelings and body movements. The heavy back beat rhythm matches the philosophy of the music, which is moral license. “It’s your life and you can do as you please.” The heavy back beat rhythm of pop music preaches a message, and that message is not godliness and humble submission to authority. It preaches a message that is contrary to the message of the Bible, and to adapt this music to the lyrics of the Christian faith is confusion and moral anarchy. Christian rock music, so called, is the music of the lustful Christianity described in 2 Timothy 4:3-4. 

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