Joel Osteen and Oprah Winfrey

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 - When Oprah Winfrey and her television producer visited Lakewood Church in Houston on November 6, Pastor Joel Osteen enthused, “Awesome to have you. We’re so honored to have you both here, and we just celebrate and pray for you guys with what God is doing in your lives” (“Joel Osteen Welcomes Oprah,” 
Christian Post, Nov. 7, 2011). Nothing could better illustrate Osteen’s apostasy and spiritual blindness. He is one of the heaps of teachers described in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 who are scratching people’s ears with a new type of Christianity and celebrating their desire to live according to their own lusts while still thinking of themselves as Christians. Oprah’s 2005 book Live Your Best Life described her philosophy that everything is one and man is divine and man can create his own reality. Her gospel is that man is not a sinner, God isnot a judge, all is well with the universe, and I just need to surrender to the flow. In a nutshell, Oprah’s gospel is the gospel of ME. She says, “God wants you to love yourself. It starts with you.” In 1998, Oprah featured one of her many panels on the New Age, this one composed of Betty Eadie, Sophy Burnham, and Dannion Brinkley. Oprah said: “... one of the biggest mistakes humans make is to believe that there is only one way. Actually, there are many diverse paths leading to what you call God.” When an audience member disagreed, testifying that she believed that Jesus Christ is the only way to God, Winfrey got upset and said that she didn’t think that someone would go to hell because they don’t believe in Jesus. She stated emphatically, “THERE COULDN’T POSSIBLY BE ONLY ONE WAY.” On the same program Oprah said: “I was raised a Baptist and we were too hung up on traditional ways. I was sitting in church and heard that God is a jealous God. I asked ‘Why? Come on--let’s get over it!’ ... I believe in the FORCE--I call it God” (“The Gospel according to Oprah,” Vantage Point, July 1998). Oprah worships the god that most American Christians worship, which is the non-judgmental god of The Shack

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