Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Stage

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(Friday Church News Notes, February 4, 2011, www.wayoflife.org fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) and posted on manifestedbythelight.com on Feb 7,2011 Darkness Reproved-Music

 Jimmy Buffett is an old-timer rocker who has been preaching the rock & roll philosophy for decades. Recently the 64-year-old fell off the stage during a concert in Australia and had to be hospitalized. Buffett’s god is bacchus, and his songs glorify drink and party. His band’s name, Coral Reefer, refers to tropical island indolence, sensuality, and marijuana. Buffett’s 1977 hit, “Margaritaville,” refers to a tequila cocktail, but it’s not just about a drink; it’s a philosophy of life. He likes to sing about drunkenness, but there is nothing funny or innocent about it. Only the Lord knows how many people have destroyed their marriages, abused and estranged their kids, crashed their cars, ruined their health, contracted venereal disease, blasphemed God, kissed the devil, stolen, raped, murdered, and committed suicide under the influence of drink. It is one of the most destructive things in modern society, but rockers have glorified it throughout rock’s filthy history. Buffett is typically rock cool and “cute” in his blasphemy. One of his songs is titled “My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, and I Don’t Love Jesus.” Another is “Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost,” in which he compares God the Holy Spirit to frightful things from his childhood. To Buffett and his rock & roll buddies, the Holy Spirit is more frightful than vampires and psychopaths. No doubt, he has long quenched the voice of the Holy Spirit in his life, which is truly the most fruitful thing, because it is the path to eternal hell. Unlike Buffet, I consider the Holy Spirit to be most wonderful and glorious, both in His holiness and in His compassionate grace. I am thankful for His conviction in the lives of undeserving sinners and His mercy in leading them to Jesus Christ. I certainly didn’t deserve His convicting power when He showed me the sin of my rock & roll reefer lifestyle and awakened me to my desperate need of salvation. Only a first-class fool would be frightened of being turned away from hell. Jeff Royal observes: “Jimmy Buffett has influenced millions with his music over the years. Buffett's fans are called ‘parrotheads.’ He has recently become chummy with many within the country music world. Alan Jackson has toured with and cut duets with him. Country music would have no problem in welcoming him in with open arms. Sadly, many professing Christians are listening to him today.”



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